my doves poem by steven james humphreys

My secret sign

Life lessons followed by a 'sign'. my doves land before or after when change comes. I hear them from time to time coming in the distance. their 'distinctive' sound the flutter of their wings landing by poolside perching on the wrought iron fence drinking water from the bird bath hopping up on the block wall… Continue reading My secret sign

Having Fun in the Hard Time House poem by steven james humphreys

Having Fun in the Hard Time House

Are we having fun yet? for the sensitive maybe a prayer is in order... 'God, have mercy on me as I am a sensitive soul keep me, my pets and those I care about healthy and don't subject me to too much pain make my life happier than sad keep me from drinking and driving… Continue reading Having Fun in the Hard Time House

Light coming down through the clouds poem by steven james humphreys

Light through clouds

Life is God's game does he want to make weak men into strong men through life's trials and tribulations? you will have to ask a strong man this... was there ever a day you were weak? how do weak men survive despite evil men in an indifferent world? he will pray a lot because much… Continue reading Light through clouds

God keeps, poem, steven james humphreys

God Keeps His Secrets

God keepshis secretsto himself.I mean, sometimes he giveswhat I see are hints.yet, I feel he keeps most mysterieson his shelf.we always tend to think people who've 'seen something' (like if they visited 'heaven' orsaw a ghost') couldbeon the'brink'ofbecomingone ofthedevil'stinyevilelves.doeswhatthey'say'theysawmakethem'crazy'?I supposeif they are,Iam,too.what have Iseen?I promisedI'dnevertella soulunderpenaltyof beingsent tohellforeternity.sorry,nocando.anunknownenigmagoesunrevealedwithmetoheaven.

Don’t Go to a Bar, poem, steven james humphreys

Don’t Go to a Bar

Don't Go to a Bar. you don't have to go that far. you'll find people like me there hiding behind thickened skins. don't get in a car. a bar is a bar is a bar... no matter if it's rock and roll, country or a classy piano bar. no one escapes the light of day… Continue reading Don’t Go to a Bar

night time, driving down the road, alone, lonely, depressed, drunk

It’s Night Time

It's night time. Driving Down the Road, you got no one. Driving Down the Road, it's night-time, you're such a gone one. listening to the Doors squirmin' like a toad. you're the only one left in town awake. look up to the sky. your darkness come long. cold air's blowin' down your neck. it's overdue.… Continue reading It’s Night Time

keyhole, another room, consciousness, mind, god

From Another Room

Oh where, oh where, does consciousness come from? Is its own resting place not from within our own brains? or, Is it we who reside somewhere else, the invisible body, somewhat closer to our god? We live our lives like visitors peeping through a keyhole from a different room. It seems we are neither here… Continue reading From Another Room