Light through clouds

Light coming down through the clouds poem by steven james humphreys

Life is God's game does he want to make weak men into strong men through life's trials and tribulations? you will have to ask a strong man this... was there ever a day you were weak? how do weak men survive despite evil men in an indifferent world? he will pray a lot because much …


A Message to the Sky

A Message to the Sky a poem by steven james humphreys

I did not make this place nor did you we are here and never know our true purpose because the one who put us here is tight-lipped about it but, some day we will have to go but, to where? this, we also do not know why so many secrets kept from us? A Message …

God Keeps His Secrets

God keeps, poem, steven james humphreys

God keepshis secretsto himself.I mean, sometimes he giveswhat I see are hints.yet, I feel he keeps most mysterieson his shelf.we always tend to think people who've 'seen something' (like if they visited 'heaven' orsaw a ghost') couldbeon the'brink'ofbecomingone ofthedevil'stinyevilelves.doeswhatthey'say'theysawmakethem'crazy'?I supposeif they are,Iam,too.what have Iseen?I promisedI'dnevertella soulunderpenaltyof beingsent tohellforeternity.sorry,nocando.anunknownenigmagoesunrevealedwithmetoheaven.

When the Wind Whispers Low

nature, wind, universe, god, trees, message, prayer

When the wind whispers low in winter sowing, god's bounty speaks in spring seedlings growing. an entire universe breathes its quiet endless flow through summer trees gently making autumn leaves flutter and drop scattered in uneven rows. don't miss nature's voice, listen with your inner ear. it speaks language in sun, wind, clouds and rain... …