the silver moon bites back

ghost, headless, fear, evil, horse

it's silver time the moon glows fine it's dripping red sublime you feel wetness on your head you walk well in the dark there's nothing to fear it's just a dog bark you feel the breath behind your ear it's something near it's something someone dropped in your candy bag.

Pumpkin Leaves

pumpkins, fall, halloween, leaves, autumn, eerie

Pumpkin leaves burning bright where you lie eerie nights. single leaf waves of wine drips to ground in due time. all is good it's understood. bind my feet nice and neat bury me beneath the street. headlight echoes coming going. tail lights glow in cycles knowing. chilly wind in darkness blowing. gathered greens rows in … Continue reading Pumpkin Leaves

Parading Skeletons

skeletons, walking, parade, marching band, music, dark, town

Clankity! Clank! parading skeletons march in tidy rows playing haunted music. the sundown street echoes through your mind casting shadows their memories keep in our dreams at bed time. they toot their horns bang their drums they're out tonight while babies sleep. witches roam and ride their brooms flying high in the darkest air of … Continue reading Parading Skeletons

Under the Wicked Lamp Post

scary, night, bus stop, lamp post, evil

There is darkness instead of light under the wicked lamp-post where buses at midnight drop off the lonesome wayfarers. but, tonight there was a change in the breeze something dark, and hooded with evil intent got off the bus wearing a mask of death walking slow with clanking bones and dry breath. it has no … Continue reading Under the Wicked Lamp Post

Witches Above

witches, monsters, bats, black cats, macobre, halloween

Witches above hand me my pumpkin with love commanding 'carve'! devils below at large surrounding bare trees black silhouette against the sky moon this orange and black season makes me feel so wonderful setting my struggling soul free. flying bats and howling cats it's not just that those weird-looking pumpkins with hollow lighted eyes and … Continue reading Witches Above


pumpkin, halloween, poetry, steven humphreys

light a pumpkin candle it sees through no eyes flames glow shadows and things grow against seasonal walls nameless entities imaginate roaming the envelope of early night dancing on shoulders of scarecrows in open fields playing with delight in real dreams of long dark hats wicker brooms stealthy black cats in a devil's room can … Continue reading Pumpkin