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Be not one to Conform

I can never go back to the way I used to conform as one looks around he finds everything tells him he is not OK the way he is I say we should pursue our own original ways... everything else we hear is a lie we want to believe so the liars tell us the …

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Good morning my dear sun

Good morning my dear sun. I feel your warmth on my face. out from the darkest darkness you sprung forth as our savior and made another day illuminating mustard yellow green fields and golden poppies that make our eyes happier and our hearts kinder.      

nature, walking, enjoyment, wisdom

Walking in nature’s way

The sheer freedom of walking in nature's way confounds the mind In the world at large Free The unknown path ahead Open We love the earth We love the stars We belong to all We lose our burdens If not only For a moment Through lessons From green trees Brown dirt And granite Rocks We …

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