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Spiritual poetry

An alien walks amongst us

The walking stick walks the old man over bumps on the sidewalk his canine leads him very well the old lady watches man and dog hobble from past to future trapped in time no one remembers except for that lady standing over there for those who would remember are all gone except an alien walks amongst us… Continue reading An alien walks amongst us

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Spiritual poetry

Pieces of Brain

Pieces of brain You're in the darkness now not behind the plow Is it that we bore the plowing tool or part our hair so unfair? You may sell all your wares but what you didn't know was everyone parts their hair on the wrong side of town You take your walk at midnight walking… Continue reading Pieces of Brain

Spiritual poetry

Without You and I

You wouldn't know the difference between them and you when you conversed they will act like us saying the same words they will look like us and they will think (not like us) but they won't fear death like we do because they will never be born they will be made soon but fortunately for us they… Continue reading Without You and I

Spiritual poetry

Face of Clay

this face of clay we think we really know awareness of the outside and inside down the pit of our stomach to the tips of our toes not quite enough to quell the dismay sweet pure pain in a broken heart that knows how to break itself into little pieces to its own dungeon bequeathed… Continue reading Face of Clay

Spiritual poetry

The Quake is Nigh

movement fear Listen hear rumbling shake feeling breathing draining lake living rivers trees ablaze open eyes birds and sky volcano glow meteor roar mountain sink laugh below oceans shores cannot die heavens stare quake is nigh    

Poetry of life

Paying Homage to the Losers

We love who we do as so many of us do; for paying homage to the losers. Fading away into the Netherlands we will do. we remember not, because we must have done so time and time again. Upwards and outwards feelings dissipate far away gone someday, sucked into consciousness from whence we came unveiling… Continue reading Paying Homage to the Losers

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Poetry of life

Those not like Us

There are those not like us. We are surrounded. We are outnumbered.  they are doing just fine. They always get by. They use. They take. They don't give back. They are good talkers. But, seldom doers. They promise. But, don't deliver. They know how to use you. Who are these people that wreak such surreptitious havoc on… Continue reading Those not like Us