Old Road

old road, poetry, steven humphreys, life

follow that old road to where it leads your fanciful wayfaring when we turn its curve we learn we live wryly and sprite it owns no joy there is plenty left within long settled dust of shoes and tires

Mad Poet Society

mad poet society, poetry, steven humphreys

You've just arrived tripped over words in the library beehive stacked in rows straight buzzing minds unfold the mad poet society a special kind clique you find entering the zone where no man's home rhyme and reason formless treason sleeping in such terrible weeping men and kings folly sings face your burden blind eye to murderin' mesomorph … Continue reading Mad Poet Society

For Those of Us

For those of us who seek knowing, the learned road is bound; long and bent. The Nubile wallows in hope great power reigns in wisdom; of which is never gifted, seldom granted. bestowed with tears of joy, women cry to spite love. the sexless agonies lay waiting in the crying place of toughened souls who look back upon where … Continue reading For Those of Us