Demon in the Mirror

demon in the mirror, poetry, steven humphreys

You may wonder 'why me'? yet, it was you chosen to go through all those painful experiences in life. at times, there was no one there to go to for comfort and wise philosophical words. there was only the lone candle you lit in your dark sanctum. Looking deeply but boldly into the mirror of …



look, regret, life, poetry, steven humphreys

Look! something else I've got to do before I'm damned well through with all of this stuff called 'whatever'! [better word you should have used Steve is 'life.'] (Oh yes, I now even talk to myself... lately, I seem to have become two people. Yes, I converse with them both. Does that mean there are …


music, poetry, steven humphreys, life

If music brings you to tears dry your eyes drink wine follow your destiny the guitar the piano when your job makes you cry drink wine count your money you'll be fine as for the poem writing winebibber he suffers writing such beautiful words and god looks down on all