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wings haiku by steven james humphreys

This thing called life does breathing make it real? if you are afraid of nothing you are not Advertisements

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A shot-glass full of poison followed by a tall glass of sweet wine such is

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Look to Nature

nature, god, life, beauty, finding purpose

Search your soul as hard as you try look to nature the sun in the sky seek

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Field of Thorns

field of thorns, life, poetry, steven humphreys

There is a calm before a storm once you find your field of thorns

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Sing your Song

purpose, mission, life, search

Sing your song of life long and well a choice of paths casting

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The Beauty of the Sunset

the beauty of the sunset, poetry, nature, steven humphreys

The beauty of the sunset is knowing there will be a new dawn a raindrop will look like a gem running down a flower’s stem

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walking, nature, path, poetry, steven humphreys

It is the middle of the night and the candle grows dim

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In seamless rhetoric

rhetoric, life, poetry, steven humphreys

Words in seamless rhetoric promise lies alive eccentric ill at ease sickness death in reality drunkenness and

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Good morning my dear sun

another day, nature, sun, happiness, life, saved from darkness

Good morning my dear sun. I feel your warmth on my face. out from the darkest darkness you

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men, women, power, influence, differences, life, relationships

her relationship with common man was simpatico; resting together like butterflies upon flowers in a

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