Thinking back

thinking back, reminiscing, loneliness, nature, alone, solitude

Thinking back... it wasn't so bad being alone. Although, I might be mistaken because now I am not alone and the memory of my past life living alone for so long has faded more than I am probably aware of. I remember I got drunk an awful lot. And, that part was pretty cool... it … Continue reading Thinking back

When love is there

love, loss, infatuation, being used, broken hearted

Simple. when love is there you know it... there is no question when it is there. no doubt. easy goes as the sun is yellow, the sky is blue and the breeze is warm. there is no question of love. there is nothing hard about it. you know this when you are old and gray. … Continue reading When love is there


men, women, power, influence, differences, life, relationships

her relationship with common man was simpatico; resting together like butterflies upon flowers in a field of dreams fluttering their wings in the morning sun. her power usurped by its own femininity was that simple. in strict manner of ipso facto 'the secret of life became no more than living it'. yet, she unwittingly lived … Continue reading Simpatico

Walking in the park at midnight

walking, park, midnight, street light, strangers

I was walking in the park at midnight making my way to the park bench sitting there looking at the street light flickering like it was about to burn out in the middle of the night. the light would dim and then get brighter and go dim again. shadows come and go slow faces show … Continue reading Walking in the park at midnight