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I sit alone Broken Hearted

I sit alone Broken Hearted went to write never started. not so easy writing stuff. holding steady jobs is mighty tough. make a decent living if you can masquerade as authors in freedom land. buy your soup crumble crackers. join me later when it matters. when now is then, when all came later, human meat… Continue reading I sit alone Broken Hearted

mind's on the blink, poetry, steven humphreys

Mind’s on the blink

Goin' to a shrink mind's on fire eyes crossed can hardly think a little crazy gettin' mighty hazy better have a drink down to the last dollar now's time to holler crossing over the brink bout' to get kicked out of this hellish motel nowhere to go on highway's endless spell pit in the stomach… Continue reading Mind’s on the blink

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I had no idea I'd outlive everyone and everything I've ever known. So... you outlive them all living with generations you don't know and can't relate to. Sooner or later you land on who you decide you want to be and don't seek to change your nature. you outlive everyone every trend every fashion every… Continue reading Outlive

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Withering away in Winogaritaville

Livin' in Spain a lot (drinking 'shots' while humming my old tune...) withering away in winogaritaville man it's H  O  T! pouring insane jalapeno sauce (like gravy) over half-baked tater tots temperature risin' connectin' all life's obscure dots one rusty robot playing slots like one 'hot shot' I'm so... N  O  T stomach tied in… Continue reading Withering away in Winogaritaville