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Love poetry

Falling Short

you never got what you really needed from old mom and dad back on the farm. but, you continued... deciding life must go on. with that pitchfork in your hand you went back to your chore of shoveling that hay to all those horses and cows. and, then you realized at some point that 'falling… Continue reading Falling Short

those mothers who were there
Love poetry

Those mothers who were there

Let us celebrate those mothers who were always there for their young with an everlasting love filled gratitude holding their spirit highest on a pedestal... although, on the other hand we have always brought with us certain acknowledgements to those females whose hearts were never into it their sincerity lowest on the rung of the… Continue reading Those mothers who were there

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Love poetry

In the house of love

In the house of love we lived our lives within bounds of unspoken rules of love running through the days we tried to do what we wanted leaning up against walls moving in the dark our gardens grew tall branches lengthened the windows fell a home crumbled into shades of light and dark but, we… Continue reading In the house of love

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Poetry of life

I opened a box

It was a gift a present wrapped up so pretty in glorious paper and ribbons... I opened a box. it was filled with darkness. and, there I stood enveloped in a shroud of cold Trojan horse evil. I sunk deep into depression lasting decades finally lifting as soon as I understood what sorrow was.  … Continue reading I opened a box

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Poetry of life

What of our lives

What of our lives, what have we done with them? have we lived our lives right? do we have no regrets? what would we do over again if we had half a chance? we judge ourselves as we judge others. So harsh. and, as we look around, we see others are living their lives in… Continue reading What of our lives

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Spiritual poetry

I sit soundly in your chair

I slept like an unclean pig in a blanket. Oink. I fly as birds do where they will. I'm dead like a tree trunk filled with termites. I revel in your private obliqueness. it is mine to unravel as I will. I straighten my mind's eye seeing what you see at your fingertips. I sit… Continue reading I sit soundly in your chair

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Spiritual poetry

So many things…

There are so many things one cannot control... like war, other people's behavior and death. yet, the flowers still remain so beautiful. love is still love in all its shades and forms. and, kindness is still kindness when given freely. faith will always remain hope when one is sincere. fun is fun and best remembered… Continue reading So many things…

Poetry of life

No regrets

I question the sincerity of those who say fervently proudly proclaiming as loud as a tooting horn that they 'regret nothing in life'. for, I have many that I wouldn't repeat for any amount of gold... is it that those who regret nothing have done little right? that they must have lived in a hole… Continue reading No regrets

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Spiritual poetry


Look! something else I've got to do before I'm damned well through with all of this stuff called 'whatever'! [better word you should have used Steve is 'life.'] (Oh yes, I now even talk to myself... lately, I seem to have become two people. Yes, I converse with them both. Does that mean there are… Continue reading Look