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Those Secret Feelings

never saying hello. never saying goodbye. not a word spoken. infatuation in vain. secret feelings never coming to fruition. the unattainable are not available nor ever will be. so many who are available so willing to take their place in a world where 'nice' is never sexy. funny how scarcity rules so many in their… Continue reading Those Secret Feelings

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Why can't life be happy like a loving pappy mommy brothers sisters make it snappy life is too short for all this unhappy crappy without sounding too sappy erase all the bad bring on the good be nice if everything was easier and better understood not so sad without all this trouble maybe I possibly… Continue reading Pappy

days and nights of wine, poetry, love, steven humphreys

Days and nights of wine

Drunken memories of thou sweet winebibber a bequeath of fragrant flowers flavors and aromas lifted thine spirit saving us both in the nick of time floating in glass like its cork lies our bared souls many a time tilted but no wine turned sour between us! it sweetened that much more with every sip by… Continue reading Days and nights of wine

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My yearbook

Didn't buy a high school yearbook someone wise said 'I'd regret it someday' I didn't hate school not in the beginning my first year of high school I was involved in track and cross-country in my sophomore year I don't know why but sometime later in high school I started hating school for some reason… Continue reading My yearbook

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Talk outside midnight air profess your love toast with wine to one living soul who cares no man amongst us listens no man hears but his own thoughts your own ears hear your words of love they echo in the distance lost in time shout them out in stillness prime time look deeply into the… Continue reading Profess

an honest heart, poetry, steven humphreys, love, friendship

An honest heart

My dear long lost youthful friend I haven't seen you for what feels like a fortnight yet decades of time have passed me by as if I have been sleeping in stillness like the fern gathering its moisture the dew dripping over there off the leaves of corn the leaves drying and the corn will begin… Continue reading An honest heart

if you were here, friend, loneliness, poetry

If you were here

If you were here we'd reminisce about the old days but we'd surely remember things differently like we always did don't you think? at last recollection we did not say farewell you and I you know they asked about you when I was there at the gathering some twenty years later because you weren't in attendance what… Continue reading If you were here

into the unknown, poetry, steven humphreys

Into the unknown

You are the stars drifting into the unknown void of darkness passed by sun and moon no one has yet to see your face sweet sounds of violins like winds they whisper long silenced voice walked fields lonely flowers no one holds your hand Yet multitudes lie awake in adornment from twilight until shining dawn… Continue reading Into the unknown

shadow of the cat, poetry, steven humphreys

Shadow of the cat

Shadow of the cat an honest heart crept under shutters of your window against the spotlight moon resides in your soul clawing at your feet under covers his sermon a child in the world this little actor bequeaths his whole vocation an innocent soul relinquishing affection of immensity a benediction

a father's love, father's day

A father’s love

To those who never had a father's love it's absence meant everything. it is what changed their world forever. and, to those who were fortunate enough to receive it in abundance you had been molded by it making you into the person you are like the molded clay who knows not the significance of its maker