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When I am with you

When I am with you my soul is content you are part of me your sky where birds glide your greenery where squirrels forage your earth where my feet walk you are heat you are cold your warm breeze flows through my heart your presence always bringing comfort and joy to my ever yearning soul.… Continue reading When I am with you

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The temple door

the vacation begins with or without me for today I am not going to go anywhere but where I am right now I will stay I will be as the shadow there will be no substance left to me I will be absorbed silence calmness gentle breeze letting go of wanting I want not today… Continue reading The temple door

I go to the woods alone, solitude, wilderness, love of nature, poetry, steven humphreys

I go to the woods alone

I go to the woods alone to not be distracted by all the talking and contrary ideas of men I want to speak with the birds, trees and flowers it is my way of praying in thankfulness to the richness of nature's ways... in each moment I utter my own words to her unbridled If… Continue reading I go to the woods alone