In the Heart haiku by steven james humphreys
Love and loss

In the Heart

Beauty is in the heart of the beloved the beloved is the eye of the beholder.

love, loss, infatuation, being used, broken hearted
Love and loss

When love is there

Simple. when love is there you know it... there is no question when it is there. no doubt. easy goes as the sun is yellow, the sky is blue and the breeze is warm. there is no question of love. there is nothing hard about it. you know this when you are old and gray.… Continue reading When love is there

mom and dad, heartbreak, love, loss, someone special
Love and loss

Falling Short

you never got what you really needed from old mom and dad back on the farm. but, you continued... deciding life must go on. with that pitchfork in your hand you went back to your chore of shoveling that hay to all those horses and cows. and, then you realized at some point that 'falling… Continue reading Falling Short

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Humor, Pets

Tale of the Cat

They do not read they do not lie tale of the cat is the life I live by. Be they little be they brown it matters not they remove my frown head to tail. jumping from cat trees up and down playing with strings going round and round my cats my dear friends keep me… Continue reading Tale of the Cat

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Nature, Pets

My Cat and the Dove

I woke, opened my vertical blinds and looked out and there was my dove. it didn't have its partner. they haven't been together for some time now. I believe they do pair for life once they have decided. I wondered what had happened. the other day I noticed there was a dove who seemed like… Continue reading My Cat and the Dove

vintage, love endures, timeless, dance
Life's ups and downs


Take time to watch clouds move through the vintage blue sky. many pass love by because they cannot surrender their hearts. others lose their patience and flee because real love grows slowly. let the wind lift your gaze to the rhythm of the high trees so that you look at the one you love the… Continue reading Vintage

love, romance, poetry, steven humphreys
Life's ups and downs

Love Now, not Later…

Go now! Go thou out in thy world and love and be loved call it lust call it romance call it what you will make up your own words for it as long as you know what your heart's true intention is... do it whilst you still can with all your might for time is… Continue reading Love Now, not Later…

those mothers who were there
Love and loss

Those mothers who were there

Let us celebrate those mothers who were always there for their young with an everlasting love filled gratitude holding their spirit highest on a pedestal... although, on the other hand we have always brought with us certain acknowledgements to those females whose hearts were never into it their sincerity lowest on the rung of the… Continue reading Those mothers who were there

what things lie ahead, future, doubt, poetry, steven humphrets
Spiritual and beyond

What things lie ahead

What things lie ahead we cannot know we can only know what's behind us yet, nature is always full of depth never petty we live within we live without but, nature never fails us... it is always there in its glorious unrelenting beauty filling our souls with joy from the bottom up.