the purpose of life

the purpose of life poem by steven james humphreys

what is the purpose of life? I often wonder and, I have asked God this question many times... 'why did you put me here in this world of death and destruction'? and, he doesn't answer me. so, I am left to my own answering questions I ask. and, I am finding out love is all … Continue reading the purpose of life

My Cat and the Dove

cat, dove, pool, visits me, cool day, overcast

I woke, opened my vertical blinds and looked out and there was my dove. it didn't have its partner. they haven't been together for some time now. I believe they do pair for life once they have decided. I wondered what had happened. the other day I noticed there was a dove who seemed like … Continue reading My Cat and the Dove

Those mothers who were there

those mothers who were there

Let us celebrate those mothers who were always there for their young with an everlasting love filled gratitude holding their spirit highest on a pedestal... although, on the other hand we have always brought with us certain acknowledgements to those females whose hearts were never into it their sincerity lowest on the rung of the … Continue reading Those mothers who were there