What is Poetry?

What is Poetry? You know, I never really analyzed it officially, like this. Although, I always did think it carried deeper meaning than everyday experiences. But, that isn't true, because poetry speaks about everything within bounds and without. I never thought I would be moved to write so much of it as I do now. … Continue reading What is Poetry?

How to Copyright

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How to copyright that book of poetry or novel of yours isn't as hard as it used to be. If I can do it, anyone can. The hardest part is writing, organizing and piecing your book of poetry or novel together to make it coherent. That takes some time. All you need is Microsoft Word to … Continue reading How to Copyright

Meet Duff Chapter 2

Meet Duff Chapter 2 Pinball Sam His fingers flipped pages back to front. That shiny black book wasn't a Bible after all. Disappointedly, most pages were blank, except one. The first page had one sentence; "Do what's wrong, play the ancient song." He could still hear the melody in his mind's ear, but he didn't … Continue reading Meet Duff Chapter 2

Exerpt from Meet Duff

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"Is this how it all ends? You gaze at yourself and don’t know it’s you anymore? Then, you read your Horoscope and pencil in cross word puzzles? What’s next, Bingo! Solitaire! Chess! Hum… now that might be some fun. I’ll have to give them a whirl!" ~ Morty Finkelstein the convenience store owner. Meet Duff Chapter 1 … Continue reading Exerpt from Meet Duff

Where I Get Thoughts To Write About

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Subtle messages seem to pop out of nowhere. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. I carry a small yellow sticky pad in my truck, just in case. Inspiration doesn't give any notice or wait for you, and if you don't write it down, it's lost forever. But, I don't usually worry about that, because it will just come back to … Continue reading Where I Get Thoughts To Write About

Meet Duff

meet duff, novel, book, steven humphreys, fantasy, adventure

Meet Duff Chapter 1 Think Pink! It's Monday. Morty was going to blow his head off. When the Lumberjack appeared, he laughed in his face, wildly swinging a double edged AXE. He whispered in his ear. "Pull that Trigger--Shooter! Go ahead--Sweet Cheeks!" He lowered the gun. A casket appeared in the woods. It silently urged … Continue reading Meet Duff