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Spiritual and beyond

God Keeps His Secrets

God keepshis secretsto himself.I mean, sometimes he giveswhat I see are hints.yet, I feel he keeps most mysterieson his shelf.we always tend to think people who've 'seen something' (like if they visited 'heaven' orsaw a ghost') couldbeon the'brink'ofbecomingone ofthedevil'stinyevilelves.doeswhatthey'say'theysawmakethem'crazy'?I supposeif they are,Iam,too.what have Iseen?I promisedI'dnevertella soulunderpenaltyof beingsent tohellforeternity.sorry,nocando.anunknownenigmagoesunrevealedwithmetoheaven.

waiting for a sign, occult, metaphysical, psychic, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Waiting for the sign

Waiting for the sign candle on a shelf lit by itself shaded hue magic blue dark cloud strikes looking for the elf flashing light lone lying low myself in the mood whirlwind moon in dread foot of bed biding time miracles resting pillow for my head deep in brood behind a stare standing there dressed… Continue reading Waiting for the sign

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Spiritual and beyond


There was an eternal fog which rose up from his garden moonlight was still flowing through it in the dawn of his new day a form was cloaked within this ethereal mass he couldn't tell if it were A man A spirit or An animal he couldn't quite make it out As he walked closer...… Continue reading Fog