Hallucination poem by steven james humphreys

la alucinación

is it our mind seeing the sky hearing the bird tweet and tasting our food? we wake everyday into this experience a painted poster full of life we cannot prove exists does our invisible mind arise from our physical brain? God knows where our consciousness resides will he tell us where it lives when we… Continue reading la alucinación

Mysterious you poem by steven james humphreys

Mysterious you

mysterious you who surrounds me like loving arms invisible essence pounds away repelling evil and its deeds abundant harvest sowing seed gracious covenant unerring need.

fields of grass, nature, god, poem, steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Fields of Grass

it's what you see that makes you who you are. it's what you don't that makes people others. it's a nice day and I feel like crying as I lie in fields of grass. it's a gloomy day and I feel like lying with raindrops falling from my eyes. when you go outside and walk… Continue reading Fields of Grass

nature, wind, universe, god, trees, message, prayer

When the Wind Whispers Low

When the wind whispers low in winter sowing, god's bounty speaks in spring seedlings growing. an entire universe breathes its quiet endless flow through summer trees gently making autumn leaves flutter and drop scattered in uneven rows. don't miss nature's voice, listen with your inner ear. it speaks language in sun, wind, clouds and rain...… Continue reading When the Wind Whispers Low

riding my motorcycle, the moon, at night, highway, wind, sea
Spiritual and beyond

The Moon is Full

The moon is full and it is a warm summer night the lunar glow lights my way I've just read Poe and 'awakened from this dream of life feeling broken hearted' I have no where to go I will ride my motorcycle all night up and down the seaside highway with the salted air brushing… Continue reading The Moon is Full

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My Cat and the Dove

Is there more to this thing called life than its own face value? When I look at my cat he patiently watches the dove landing near my sliding glass door by my pool the dove drinks from the border of my whirlpool which connects to the main pool I do not want more than this… Continue reading My Cat and the Dove