Here’s where I can be my own ‘Weirdo’

strange brew, weirdo, off beat

Here's where I can be my own 'Weirdo'. Doesn't everyone need to find their own forum for what's ailing them? Oh, do we need an excuse to do what we do? After we are both gone, no one will remember us. So, what do we actually have to lose? Forgotten words, feelings, thoughts and actions... … Continue reading Here’s where I can be my own ‘Weirdo’

Work 25 years

work 25 years, retire, alcohol, bar, depressed, unstable

Life doesn't go anywhere MONEY we don't live forever FOOD love while you can ALCOHOL get a good job sell your soul work 25 years have a retirement party go home throw up in that toilet you should've cleaned better (but, we don't care much then nor will we probably remember much thereafter...) and pass … Continue reading Work 25 years