Ocean a poem by steven james humphreys


within this silent cave you can hear the waves outside deep underneath their water lies peace gathered tides and pools are claimed by those small creatures paddling in circles and staying still paying just tribute to the never-ending solitude of the ocean bottom grave.

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Floating like a Cloud

In a dream I was floating like a cloud looking down at golden poppies, green rolling hills, sturdy oaks, gliding doves, and the waves of the ocean crashing on shore rocks I gazed at stars and the moon at night and the sun during the day But, I was not lonely when I awoke my… Continue reading Floating like a Cloud

lighthouse ghosts. sea, poetry, steven humphreys

Lighthouse ghosts

The lighthouse ghosts past present and future caught in beams of light searching scanning the skyline a beacon to the coming ghost ships a guiding light in the night over the horizon flickering stars watch the moon shine its ethereal soothing cool light illuminating waves breaking below the lighthouse cuts the foggy mist like a… Continue reading Lighthouse ghosts