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Spiritual poetry

Mad Poet Society

You've just arrived tripped over words in the library beehive stacked in rows straight buzzing minds unfold the mad poet society a special kind clique you find entering the zone where no man's home rhyme and reason formless treason sleeping in such terrible weeping men and kings folly sings face your burden blind eye to murderin' mesomorph… Continue reading Mad Poet Society

Poetry of life

Oh thou Broken Hearted

Oh thou broken hearted how it pains thee for a lifetime persisting in shattered loneliness oh so bitter this old loneliness who so wants to be best of friends weighs on these shoulders who cannot bear another moment of this cold cold loneliness resting solely upon us it's just the way it is the way of… Continue reading Oh thou Broken Hearted

Poetry of life

Photo on the Wall

a dusty photo on the wall hangs upon a nail a past image of our beloved friend sitting upon our lap for a blessed many years there until his end this furry old trusted dear who we revealed our deepest secrets to yet somehow seemed to always sense how we felt while we grew up into wearing these… Continue reading Photo on the Wall

Poetry of life

Hitting the Rewind Button

the skinny on being loved is getting fatter all the time justifiably ordering another extra-large double deep oozing pan  pizza thrice in one night as Feelings wane singing those sadder songs handing your new lover another savory bubbling wedge of confusion and paths crossed which all go up on top the edge of a cliff as you look out carefully… Continue reading Hitting the Rewind Button