Within the bounds of nature

of beauty in nature, renewal, peace, poetry, steven humphreys

what secret force resides within the bounds of nature besides that which we all can see? there is an unseen force for healing a certain invisible vibration when in the midst of its indisputable beauty I rediscover me, my own worth, I am comforted in a warm blanket of peace all within the simplicity of … Continue reading Within the bounds of nature

Silence sleeps

silence sleeps, nuclear exchange, war, weapons of mass destruction

Silence sleeps no more. bugles blow. drums pound as we stand firmly on our green bank's cooling ground. at the brink of war the flag flaps unfurled in the coming radioactive wind. as we look up proudly boldly in horror to the streaks of smoke and flame behind incoming descending missiles of mass destruction with … Continue reading Silence sleeps


peace, steven humphreys, poetry

peace serenity insecurity beliefs baby family hothouse ivy sauna heat whirlpool bubbles living floating troubles swim warm bathe dry watch high wind swaying see pink weeping willow tree hot green tea letting go release surrender remember accept puppy old dog frog dandelion flower seeds float through air they land they sprout mature flower doubt cotton … Continue reading Peace