You just might meet a new friend

You just might meet a new friend

If you feel you have no direction in life and are lost with no path to follow you just might need a kiss and a hug Who said you weren't loved? immerse yourself in those things you are passionate about doing get off the couch turn that old TV off and go for a drive… Continue reading You just might meet a new friend

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Tale of the Cat

They do not read they do not lie tale of the cat is the life I live by. Be they little be they brown it matters not they remove my frown head to tail. jumping from cat trees up and down playing with strings going round and round my cats my dear friends keep me… Continue reading Tale of the Cat


No regrets

I question the sincerity of those who say fervently proudly proclaiming as loud as a tooting horn that they 'regret nothing in life'. for, I have many that I wouldn't repeat for any amount of gold... is it that those who regret nothing have done little right? that they must have lived in a hole… Continue reading No regrets

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Big dog, pretty kitty

Big dog. little dog. Ugly dog. pretty kitty. what they have named you matters not to me, anymore. I seek no champion. what matters now is how you look at me when you place your eyes upon me when I awake each morning. I know how you feel about me. Ah, yes! I finally know… Continue reading Big dog, pretty kitty

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Baby in a basket

There was a black and white baby in a basket wrapped in a doll's blue blanket on the beach whimpering whining ever so lonely crying yearning for its mother I looked down into this basket sitting on the warm beach sand on a cooling day palm tree fanning above to a bundle of joy not… Continue reading Baby in a basket

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Talk outside midnight air profess your love toast with wine to one living soul who cares no man amongst us listens no man hears but his own thoughts your own ears hear your words of love they echo in the distance lost in time shout them out in stillness prime time look deeply into the… Continue reading Profess

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Shadow of the cat

Shadow of the cat an honest heart crept under shutters of your window against the spotlight moon resides in your soul clawing at your feet under covers his sermon a child in the world this little actor bequeaths his whole vocation an innocent soul relinquishing affection of immensity a benediction

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Feline prowess

As I write my 'little boy' love bites hears my voice he's never trite seeks me out when it's time for bed scratches his head no other reason than being with me from dusk till dawn every season always happy never blue no cross words or subpoenas to sue wanting not for more on this earth… Continue reading Feline prowess


They have no Rage

If you want to be 'loved' for the person you are, go out today to your local ASPCA & buy a sad eyed cat or dog behind those steel bars. be their hero. be a hero. be your own hero. easy... you were never promised unconditional love when you were born. that reassurance would be… Continue reading They have no Rage