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And, then some…

Dumber than they look Smarter than you think and, then some wayward feeling falls in  a 'well's hole' floating in scum-sucking drink inactive rage turning into peaceful apathy used to be handsome beating my drum loud and manly godly thoughts escape the sage's ageless mind who gave them all up for his last  popped cork… Continue reading And, then some…

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It's emotional isn't it? fair thee well against god's will who knows best? who made you? language is of man's making god gave emotions feeling rational understanding wordlessness emptiness intellect your guide be who you are never who you are not at being level symbols metaphors secret to life think for yourself body language state… Continue reading Emotional

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It's me again overbearing the large and grandiose I flow through thine trees this fellow being evolving in its own way in midst of crude involvement complexity forgetfulness installments who am I? I am he who brings abounding slow methodical change purest soul of souls pray to me in readiness for blank astonishment a becoming… Continue reading Me

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Have drink of the literary at the head of the fountain you have built with your own hands drink well until you are full while you have your chance to take your turn we know it's our hand but the hand we have been given is not us eyes hair legs ears brain take them… Continue reading Fountain



That thing we call you it moves on to the next step evolvement you are not a baby anymore that's long passed but, you once were where did that 'you' go? I miss my seven year old step daughter the way she was where did she go? she has changed in almost every way who is this… Continue reading Evolvement


Under a Blanket

Can't find my way back home that old truck used to be new I didn't know it would turn old wandering the crooked  streets with me in this little town at midnight never thought an old man would be driving an old truck that didn't know its way back home a dark figure walks pacing through… Continue reading Under a Blanket


Without You and I

You wouldn't know the difference between them and you when you conversed they will act like us saying the same words they will look like us and they will think (not like us) but they won't fear death like we do because they will never be born they will be made soon but fortunately for us they… Continue reading Without You and I


Face of Clay

this face of clay we think we really know awareness of the outside and inside down the pit of our stomach to the tips of our toes not quite enough to quell the dismay sweet pure pain in a broken heart that knows how to break itself into little pieces to its own dungeon bequeathed… Continue reading Face of Clay

praying to the rainmaker

Praying to the Rainmaker

I found myself praying to the rainmaker or shall I say programmer? the one who made all this you now see before you you know it's he who made all of this real even though it seems so unreal at times it's as real as it gets at least for us as immortal mortals in this… Continue reading Praying to the Rainmaker


Listen to the Ghost

Listen to the ghost in those future shoes never to those living fools we'd listened to who made us into the lowest man on the totem pole stewing in a broth of education learning words to land a job that made us look so good we became mad as hell when we got savvy and knew no one cared anyway… Continue reading Listen to the Ghost