Walking the Dog

The other day I took a brisk stroll down the neighborhood sidewalk in my grey old man's jogging suit and my favorite red sweat faded baseball hat looking down at all the cracks on the sidewalk rows and holes needing filling beneath my toes looking up at trees and crows and squirrels looking down to me cackling … Continue reading Walking the Dog

In the Ether

In the Ether surrounded by those we used to know many lifetimes before those brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers wives and husbands sons and daughters they live amongst us unbeknownst wandering but not lost this is why you must try the 'invisible counselors' technique by napoleon hill I have since met my two full grown dark … Continue reading In the Ether

A Serial Killer Within

 a serial killer within smiles wide intending something narrow he's at large smothered by music we cried to caught in spider webs of feeling you listen you don't know where you are going as you journey into feeling not in their words it's how old you are within that old song following old feelings reemerging bringing you somewhere in tears not … Continue reading A Serial Killer Within

Your Favorite You

Your favorite green plant used to sit growing its fingers down the crackling wall it withered away and you found another one at the farmer's market down the dead end street You reach for dull scissors out of habit you remembered to trim its spaghetti hair once a month it loved you it knew you're coming you … Continue reading Your Favorite You