trying to find you

trying to find you poem by steven james humphreys

  you might be trying to find you. it doesn't matter how old you are. you can still find you no matter your age. don't give up it's not over. it's true... many a great man fails time and time again. what separates a successful man from others who don't achieve what it is they … Continue reading trying to find you

baby seedlings

baby seedlings poem by steven james humphreys

I learned something recently that I need to stay mindful of... that, I am the one who 'owns' my consciousness. thoughts we harbor grow baby seedlings becoming scripts we wrote forgetting why our lives turned out this way because of what we sowed decades ago. and then, we blame others and the world when what … Continue reading baby seedlings

Heavy thinking

heavy thinking, alcohol, poetry, depression, sadness, steven humphreys

Heavy thinking midnight drinking bells of Christmas tinkling look at the dictator deep in his face in the flaming 'no blinking' mirror sinking beer belly bread basket no longer care grain alcohol before the fall thought you'd become wiser when nothing to do nowhere to go and those all too beautiful hills became still and … Continue reading Heavy thinking

Drivin’ Low on route 66

Drivin' low on route 66 life began at 65 pickup sticks missin' kicks drivin' round hear that sound makin' ground thinkin' back four score years spillin' tears clubs and booze wasted years should've done more at school listened to all those fools hands not meant holding tools pickin' up speed wind blown hair feelin' a need remember … Continue reading Drivin’ Low on route 66

Sitting on My Bed

Sitting on my bed playin' my guitar scratching pulling threads in my head long ago afar eschewing Oliphant fungible suigeneris derriere grows rockin' in this chair feelin' pretty fair younger days care brown flowing hair life unfair beginning to an end fair weathered friends drivin' in my car not far corner bar under stars coin it see … Continue reading Sitting on My Bed

The Visit

The visit is coming in town before he was born living hidden controlling minds remotely as an avatar not yet free to proving what is seen signaling knowing how it works within the mind therefore behooving someone to do something anything no matter how goddamned dim that unknown poet was in writing his sacred words alone long before … Continue reading The Visit