loved and remembered

loved and remembered poem by steven james humphreys

we have but a single goal in life... to simply learn to be who we are, even though this may take a lifetime. but, we will be loved and remembered, even by those we never would suspect.

etched somewhere in a cavern

etched somewhere in a cavern poem by steven james humphreys

pain came with me stitched deep within my skin carving wrinkles on my face dulling my eyes so the world looked dim I dreamt I loved life once upon a time etched somewhere in a cavern where Stalactites drip slowly growing long where I used to think God couldn't see those strange darkened visions as … Continue reading etched somewhere in a cavern

Heavy thinking

heavy thinking, alcohol, poetry, depression, sadness, steven humphreys

Heavy thinking midnight drinking bells of Christmas tinkling look at the dictator deep in his face in the flaming 'no blinking' mirror sinking beer belly bread basket no longer care grain alcohol before the fall thought you'd become wiser when nothing to do nowhere to go and those all too beautiful hills became still and … Continue reading Heavy thinking

Drivin’ Low on route 66

Drivin' low on route 66 life began at 65 pickup sticks missin' kicks drivin' round hear that sound makin' ground thinkin' back four score years spillin' tears clubs and booze wasted years should've done more at school listened to all those fools hands not meant holding tools pickin' up speed wind blown hair feelin' a need remember … Continue reading Drivin’ Low on route 66