The Clothes Make the Man

The clothes make the man as well as anything can he can change your mind because he's looking so fine but what of character do we not understand? it's while that unwitting pretty boy of style walks in his shadow in pain owning up to nothing but a poser in vain talking standing in a plate of sand telling you a … Continue reading The Clothes Make the Man

Walking the Dog

The other day I took a brisk stroll down the neighborhood sidewalk in my grey old man's jogging suit and my favorite red sweat faded baseball hat looking down at all the cracks on the sidewalk rows and holes needing filling beneath my toes looking up at trees and crows and squirrels looking down to me cackling … Continue reading Walking the Dog

In the Ether

In the Ether surrounded by those we used to know many lifetimes before those brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers wives and husbands sons and daughters they live amongst us unbeknownst wandering but not lost this is why you must try the 'invisible counselors' technique by napoleon hill I have since met my two full grown dark … Continue reading In the Ether

I the Simulated

I the simulated am a computer simulation who asks why things seem real yet not quite enough (the old philosophers knew before computers something was awry with reality) and my being still asks me for change while my mind absorbs all that's going on around me and I agree that I want to change my … Continue reading I the Simulated

Wide Open Land

wide open land, poetry

Wide open land light brown weeds drifting sand rolling hills barb wired posts along side single road high voltage polls crows flying landing on the crackling wires sturdy oaks swaying no men walking no man praying blue is the sky no clouds in sight yellow is the raging sun breeze blowing cooling the sweat on your face … Continue reading Wide Open Land

Hitting the Rewind Button

the skinny on being loved is getting fatter all the time justifiably ordering another extra-large double deep oozing pan  pizza thrice in one night as Feelings wane singing those sadder songs handing your new lover another savory bubbling wedge of confusion and paths crossed which all go up on top the edge of a cliff as you look out carefully … Continue reading Hitting the Rewind Button

Out of a Cage

It is not forgiveness we give the hellion who caused decades long misery and pain For it is high time to let this hellish creature  out of a Cage in a much violent and unforgiving manner as whirlwinds and thunderstorms near do we as humans cannot forgive harm done to the psyche even in due time It is this demon we have mistakenly addressed … Continue reading Out of a Cage

Your Favorite You

Your favorite green plant used to sit growing its fingers down the crackling wall it withered away and you found another one at the farmer's market down the dead end street You reach for dull scissors out of habit you remembered to trim its spaghetti hair once a month it loved you it knew you're coming you … Continue reading Your Favorite You