Mad Poet Society

mad poet society, poetry, steven humphreys

You've just arrived tripped over words in the library beehive stacked in rows straight buzzing minds unfold the mad poet society a special kind clique you find entering the zone where no man's home rhyme and reason formless treason sleeping in such terrible weeping men and kings folly sings face your burden blind eye to murderin' mesomorph … Continue reading Mad Poet Society

When the Deed is done

when the deed is done, poetry

When the deed is done palace walls shake Yell freedom! and the earth shall tremble beneath your feet he will choose you as his people avenging your darkness of dim and earthborn likeness tearing thy down to thorns you proudly walk upon on impulse and truth the iconoclast speaks using a credo of fashionable blindness worth every … Continue reading When the Deed is done

Every little wee bit helps

That screeching Magpie nagging me looking down at me hopping up and down laughing at me hopping from one to another limb of that sturdy elm which grows out from within my head that howl of his oh, that howl! drives me insane I am rather mad like a mad man without direction without an … Continue reading Every little wee bit helps

A Serial Killer Within

 a serial killer within smiles wide intending something narrow he's at large smothered by music we cried to caught in spider webs of feeling you listen you don't know where you are going as you journey into feeling not in their words it's how old you are within that old song following old feelings reemerging bringing you somewhere in tears not … Continue reading A Serial Killer Within