Here’s where I can be my own ‘Weirdo’

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Here's where I can be my own 'Weirdo'. Doesn't everyone need to find their own forum for what's ailing them? Oh, do we need an excuse to do what we do? After we are both gone, no one will remember us. So, what do we actually have to lose? Forgotten words, feelings, thoughts and actions... … Continue reading Here’s where I can be my own ‘Weirdo’

Henry David Thoreau influenced me

Henry David Thoreau, poet

Henry David Thoreau influenced me. How? It happened when I was a young teen. Thinking back nearly fifty years, I think I identified strongly with his essay 'Civil Disobedience' (as I was skeptical about nearly everything, especially the American government) in those troubled times of social upheaval. I was an impressionable angry adolescent in the 1960's; a time full of civil discontent, protesting and questioning events … Continue reading Henry David Thoreau influenced me

Madness of Poetry

edgar allan poe, steven humphreys, sage, poems, poetry, prose

Why do I write poems? I began writing poetry at a young age shortly after I began reading poems of Edgar Allan Poe and Henry David Thoreau. I give tribute to great poets such as these, including Charles Bukowski. I thank them for my inspiration. Writing in general and especially specific, poetry is my creative outlet. It makes me feel better … Continue reading Madness of Poetry

What is Poetry?

What is Poetry? You know, I never really analyzed it officially, like this. Although, I always did think it carried deeper meaning than everyday experiences. But, that isn't true, because poetry speaks about everything within bounds and without. I never thought I would be moved to write so much of it as I do now. … Continue reading What is Poetry?

La Différence!

la difference, that's how it goes... (women are the glue which bonds societies' fabric) We all work those jobs we do best and it does show a face familiar which has always been ordained long before we were put here. We've come prewired for tasks so separate although undivided it be that, different never gets things … Continue reading La Différence!

Beneath this old Carved Tree

beneath this old carved tree, steven humphreys, poem, poetry, prose

When you used to search for me, you found me by lake forgiveness beneath this old carved tree. You always knew where to find me, when we spoke those sorrowful words. Our memory dances by those yellow flowers growing on the side of that hill by the road. That wave of golden flowers; we used to stroll through and pluck. … Continue reading Beneath this old Carved Tree

Strands of Moonlight

strands of moonlight, steven humphreys, poet, poetry, poem, prose

I have a project for you. I want you to go out to the next full moon, and take a look. Stand there surrounding yourself in strands of moonlight. When? Some calendars have gone queer these days and don't show the partial and full moon... Let them all be queer. I mean, the calendars. I don't care … Continue reading Strands of Moonlight

Boast not where the Poppies Grow

We escape into yet another day; boast not where the poppies grow. we run away. we don't know where God hides himself every day. we say the wrong things at all the wrong times. eat the wrong foods. we laid with the wrong person. We get lied to. we get deceived. then, we withdraw for a … Continue reading Boast not where the Poppies Grow