Poetry of life

Rendezvous with Oars

Did you feel you missed the boat in life because someone said both paddles of yours were not in the water and your rudder was backwards? So, you had a rendezvous with oars throwing them both   over the brink of the waterfall finding a new hole in the bottom of your sinking boat as you dropped to your destiny. We are… Continue reading Rendezvous with Oars

Poetry of life

Crusty Old Uncle Fred

Blossoms fill the air in spring. I don't know the name of the tree but, I like its fragrance even though at times, it makes me sneeze. When spring comes around next year, I know I can depend upon that sweet aroma returning. That smell is in my mind, which is strange things from the past… Continue reading Crusty Old Uncle Fred

Spiritual poetry

The Night Lies

Yes, my friend, the night will tell you a thousand lies. (how many times must I tell you this!) It lies in wait, because that is what it does best. And, you will hear a thousand more lies, if you don't change your evil ways continuing in that rut of yours that no matter what… Continue reading The Night Lies

Poetry of life

See, My Home is over there!

I am happy to tell you a new story about I was dead in a dream last night. (If you know me, you know my light is on sometimes until three in the morning) Wait! Don't let this turn you off! There is a point to this other than dying... I was pissed off with… Continue reading See, My Home is over there!

Poetry of life

Valley of Ashes

There is a valley of ashes. I know there are soldiers there, but not our soldiers. They don't reason. They only obey. you know them, they surround you. they are on the left of you and the right side. they have their arms around you, they try to coerce you, they try to own you...… Continue reading Valley of Ashes

Poetry of life

Hangin on Overdrive

What is fair and what is good stands between yon, alone. there is ongoing misunderstanding crossing o'er  hill and dale hangin' on overdrive. namely, it's a tall notion each deserves; as toiling hands plaster bare walls forming hardening remnants of past mistaken identities. unworthy as it may sound, tolling my bell while my other ear was charmed,… Continue reading Hangin on Overdrive