The Little Tear

The little tear poem by steven james humphreys

A little tear in reality pulling me apart it's a new world coming just around the bend from the old corner food mart it is through your mind you read your book you visualize and it's there trapping your thoughts as you look at things in front of you disappearing and reappearing in the footsteps … Continue reading The Little Tear

The Good Citizen

good citizen, poetry, steven humphreys

Look down the street at all those pretty little houses in rows. play it safe be like them say the right things be agreeable be likeable be nice you will be rewarded in due time raise your hand when it's your turn to talk speak when you are spoken to do the right things be … Continue reading The Good Citizen

Prism full of light

prism full of light, poetry, steven humphreys

Colors in refracted light likened to a rainbow a vibration and melodic chord playing life in sounds in flight in the mountains endowment in height you ask of me I have no answers that make sense the way of my mind's eye wrap around a prism of light in eerie dark for there are unknown … Continue reading Prism full of light

My Reader’s 31 most ‘Liked’ Poems

Steven Humphreys 31 best like poems

I found '31' of my most 'liked' poems and put them all in one convenient place. Why 31? I recounted and there was 31 instead of 30. Never was too swift at math... Do enjoy reading these hand picked poems. Remember, reading one a day keeps the 'madness' away... It’s been a long time Halves … Continue reading My Reader’s 31 most ‘Liked’ Poems