Roller rink

roller rink, roller skating, first girl friend, caramel popcorn, tin can

Oh, that roller rink. the mood. skating in the dark. musty old air conditioning. gum stuck under the bench seats. kick the tin can. caramel popcorn. first 'real' girl friend. learned to skate backwards. been goin' that way ever since...

One for those who cannot sleep

insomniac, sleeplessness, wine, popcorn, staying up late, b movies, horror, low budget

Oh, yes. This is one for those who cannot sleep. Sleep? Why sleep? who's in great need of sleep! only those suffering from growing pains... We have but a short time to stay awake. Then, we will sleep for an eternity. Choose to stay up late. Get to know your 'B' movies. They go very … Continue reading One for those who cannot sleep