Having Fun in the Hard Time House poem by steven james humphreys

Having Fun in the Hard Time House

Are we having fun yet? for the sensitive maybe a prayer is in order... 'God, have mercy on me as I am a sensitive soul keep me, my pets and those I care about healthy and don't subject me to too much pain make my life happier than sad keep me from drinking and driving… Continue reading Having Fun in the Hard Time House

Light coming down through the clouds poem by steven james humphreys

Light through clouds

Life is God's game does he want to make weak men into strong men through life's trials and tribulations? you will have to ask a strong man this... was there ever a day you were weak? how do weak men survive despite evil men in an indifferent world? he will pray a lot because much… Continue reading Light through clouds

The guy who hanged himself, poem, steven james humphreys

The big city guy who hanged himself (epitaph)

I know others have had it tougher than I but, life is too hard for me in this big city lost in a multitude of men and machines we were born into this not of our own choice nor will... you see, I'm the sensitive one and no one understands that but me and you… Continue reading The big city guy who hanged himself (epitaph)

I go to the woods alone, solitude, wilderness, love of nature, poetry, steven humphreys

I go to the woods alone

I go to the woods alone to not be distracted by all the talking and contrary ideas of men I want to speak with the birds, trees and flowers it is my way of praying in thankfulness to the richness of nature's ways... in each moment I utter my own words to her unbridled If… Continue reading I go to the woods alone

unseen, unnoticed, hidden, trick, sad, god

Something I didn’t see before

It is precisely when I realize something I didn't see before. it is in that moment I am searching for answers I know only god knows. The time is when I think somehow I have been bequeathed special knowledge delivered by a feeling inside. something unexpected revealed. and, then somehow I feel duped, fooled and… Continue reading Something I didn’t see before

this empty heart, poetry, god, steven humphreys, prayer
Love and loss

This empty heart

by what name do I call on you oh great one? it is you, the one who fills this empty place I call my heart? it is this empty spot where my soul used to live. it is where I used to have faith in my fellow man. but, he hath betrayed me once too… Continue reading This empty heart

fog, god, prayer, mystical, poetry, steven humphreys


There was an eternal fog which rose up from his garden moonlight was still flowing through it in the dawn of his new day a form was cloaked within this ethereal mass he couldn't tell if it were A man A spirit or An animal he couldn't quite make it out As he walked closer...… Continue reading Fog

Postcards to God, prayer, poetry, steven humphreys

Postcards to God

You could read the black graffiti written through the overgrown ivy on the old town library brick wall (he reminded me that it was good explaining why the in-house maintenance had left it alone) it reads... 'I am me and that's good enough' you continue being who you aren't but you will grow up looking… Continue reading Postcards to God

where the vine grows, prayer, poetry, steven humphreys

Where the vine grows

The vine grows around our necks ever so tightly strangling some nab your nemesis for murder climb up the rock wall stand on top look down yell 'we the homo sapiens!' we wear the vine we are not crazy who are you? why have you visited me? the moon hangs low over the bay boats… Continue reading Where the vine grows