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Life's ups and downs

Join the Club

If you don't know what to say anymore what to do next or how to feel join the club we so proudly nick named 'rub a dub dub' that's where all the lost souls gather to get their bearings. What's the big hurry? (while you are waiting, go ahead save a life and pick up… Continue reading Join the Club

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Life's ups and downs

This thing called life

This thing called life is not under our control the fear thereof is worth noting there is fear of pain in death as well as pain of life and if god were to assure us no pain in dying and no further pain in living then there would still be a preference between the two… Continue reading This thing called life

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Life's ups and downs

Your only job

Your only job here is to be you. if you are a monkey, go ahead, be that monkey. Do what monkey do. monkey around... But, if you are a human, Ah... that's where the real problem begins. so, go ahead, try it out for fifty, sixty, seventy years or more... be the living human animal...… Continue reading Your only job

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Love and loss

Finding you

I can't stand to see a bug stepped on. you would agree that bugs don't have it all that good. if god wanted me to know the answers in life, he would have already told me. I cry for those who are lost, because it used to matter to me when I was lost thinking… Continue reading Finding you

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Spiritual and beyond


It's going to the core, be it at the snail's pace: it is our sacred subject. You know... that which entices us, catches our interest, makes us wonder and jars our most human of all senses. It is what keeps us going. Yet, if we don't have it yet, it is what we thirst for… Continue reading Core

Spiritual and beyond

Mechanical Man

The mechanical man can't help what he is tired of acting doing what is expected being told what to think do and be but the machine can't change what had been created it can plow the field like a maniac one day the machine started thinking on its own he learned he could scream and… Continue reading Mechanical Man


Strange Hobby

Lament not you are a changed man, not amongst the ranks of the rich and famous (did you really want to stand in the limelight bathing with those in your own dirty bath water of self worship splashing around with those who want to be like you?) would you want that for them, to scrub your back… Continue reading Strange Hobby


Slacking Backwards

Cold hearted life... It doesn't care whether you're happy or sad. Who is it I have to please, to be happy? I hadn't done a very good job of that. What's left to do with my life? Plenty lot unfinished business left to handle, if you were to ask me. Not enough time left to… Continue reading Slacking Backwards