Behind the curtain quote by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

just behind the curtain

life is like a play without a script reality lies behind the curtain that's where God is behind the scenes making everything work the way he does in secret.  

man's wisdom quote by steven james humphreys
Nature poetry, Spiritual poetry

man’s wisdom

man's wisdom lies infinitely below nature's simplicity but when man is immersed within his own egotistical nature he remains detached from God yet man can regain his true nature through being still in awe and wonder of forest trees, fields of grass and flowers, a flock of birds, the warmth of the sun, glowing moon,… Continue reading man’s wisdom

long forgotten haiku by steven james humphreys
Poetry of life

long forgotten

haven't you and I mistakenly taken life way too seriously? keeping with the bigger picture perspective... it reads 'in a hundred years we will all be long forgotten'. therefore, it makes perfect sense pouring us both a cold tall one toasting you and me for all the S _ _ T we've put up with… Continue reading long forgotten

Endure quote by steven james humphreys
Poetry of life


How do you endure around negative people? Is how they make you feel their fault? better question is how do we deal with our own feelings instead of blaming others for our own reactions and behavior? the situation may be for our own growth and betterment... why not go on being you thinking thoughts that… Continue reading endure

Billions of Hallucinations quote by steven james humphreys
Poetry of life

Billions of Hallucinations

Isn't it amazing once you finally 'get it' you see we are essentially all alone individually within our own experience of life... everyday life to me seems unreal, yet at the same time, as real as it gets... I believe this is a self created hallucination of ours amazingly what our minds have made through… Continue reading Billions of Hallucinations

Taking Mom for granted quote by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

The Unloved

Bless the unloved children. they can always spot a good mom and dad over bad ones. the bad moms and dads always stand out like sore thumbs. God bless the good parents. take them not for granted. murderers, criminals and tyrants around the world had moms and dads. parents have the power to change the… Continue reading The Unloved