Man enough

Man enough

There was a man dancing on stage in his pink Tutu with the spotlight on him. He turned and shouted since I was up in the balcony... he singled me out because I was the only one there. now, someone turned the spotlight on me illuminating the darkness I was sitting within. 'are you man… Continue reading Man enough

It's not the same anymore quote by steven james humphreys

It’s not the same anymore

We don't get to vote anymore we lost it when no one thought it mattered we can't own a gun all the criminals still have them all the news says the same thing they tell us what to believe there are two parties conservative and liberal they take turns every other year things are pretty… Continue reading It’s not the same anymore

I Watched Welcome to California 1953 quote by steven james humphreys

I Watched Welcome to California 1953

I Watched 'Welcome to California 1953' old cars, old buildings, old fashioned clothing everything old... the good old days. they were better then. better than now. much better. more freedom, fewer laws and restrictions. everything's screwed up now thanks to all the law breaking criminals and ass_ _ _ _ s who don't give a… Continue reading I Watched Welcome to California 1953

what love does quote by steven james humphreys

What Love does

When you do something anonymously out of heartfelt love for another without expectation of reward and notoriety remaining unknown the subtle unexplained power of the entire universe in its infinite mysterious ways is the push behind you empowering all your selfless wishes and desires.

The Age of the Liar quote by steven james humphreys

The Age of the Liar

turn on the TV hear the liar speak a voice of one on every channel ear and mind deafening everywhere truth is weak you lost your choice shout it loud and he will snuff your voice out and make you into a dead head just like the growing crowd of followers our sacred history books… Continue reading The Age of the Liar