Be a phony fat or boney

be a fool, pride, take a stand, change your mind, poetry, steven humphreys

though voices sang the universe knew its own melodic chime persisting in secret noises madrigal phony fat or boney be a fool it's all cool eat five cheese macaroni at a table full of cronies change mind in due time sublime living cold hormones burn old hard hatter full gray matter lather pool leaded haste … Continue reading Be a phony fat or boney

So many things…

so many things wine, regrets, drinking, alcohol, memories

There are so many things one cannot control... like war, other people's behavior and death. yet, the flowers still remain so beautiful. love is still love in all its shades and forms. and, kindness is still kindness when given freely. faith will always remain hope when one is sincere. fun is fun and best remembered … Continue reading So many things…

Hasty steps downtown

hasty steps, remorse, sadness, poetry, steven humphreys

We take hasty steps downtown arriving sooner doing nothing once there each glimmer of dawn we nod like yesterday we wear fake smiles when we'd rather commit murder we slave our lives away working like faithful dogs licking our master's boots gratuitously when we break in pieces there is no repairing for our souls cry … Continue reading Hasty steps downtown

Withering away in Winogaritaville

wine-garitaville, poetry, steven humphreys

Livin' in Spain a lot (drinking 'shots' while humming my old tune...) withering away in winogaritaville man it's H  O  T! pouring insane jalapeno sauce (like gravy) over half-baked tater tots temperature risin' connectin' all life's obscure dots one rusty robot playing slots like one 'hot shot' I'm so... N  O  T stomach tied in … Continue reading Withering away in Winogaritaville