outlive, lonely, time traveler, poetry, steven humphreys

I had no idea I'd outlive everyone and everything I've ever known. So... you outlive them all living with generations you don't know and can't relate to. Sooner or later you land on who you decide you want to be and don't seek to change your nature. you outlive everyone every trend every fashion every … Continue reading Outlive

Hasty steps downtown

hasty steps, remorse, sadness, poetry, steven humphreys

We take hasty steps downtown arriving sooner doing nothing once there each glimmer of dawn we nod like yesterday we wear fake smiles when we'd rather commit murder we slave our lives away working like faithful dogs licking our master's boots gratuitously when we break in pieces there is no repairing for our souls cry … Continue reading Hasty steps downtown

In the Ether

In the Ether surrounded by those we used to know many lifetimes before those brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers wives and husbands sons and daughters they live amongst us unbeknownst wandering but not lost this is why you must try the 'invisible counselors' technique by napoleon hill I have since met my two full grown dark … Continue reading In the Ether