If you were here

if you were here, friend, loneliness, poetry

If you were here we'd reminisce about the old days but we'd surely remember things differently like we always did don't you think? at last recollection we did not say farewell you and I you know they asked about you when I was there at the gathering some twenty years later because you weren't in attendance what … Continue reading If you were here

A father’s love

a father's love, father's day

To those who never had a father's love it's absence meant everything. it is what changed their world forever. and, to those who were fortunate enough to receive it in abundance you had been molded by it making you into the person you are like the molded clay who knows not the significance of its maker  

Saying Goodbye

Messages from the other side saying goodbye my wife's friend contacted me from beyond whispering to me to 'take care of my own wife' who was her friend then another time A friend of mine who passed said wordlessly... 'Hey, it's cool here, why don't you join me!' although I was excited for him that he … Continue reading Saying Goodbye