My Cat and the Dove

cat, dove, pool, visits me, cool day, overcast

I woke, opened my vertical blinds and looked out and there was my dove. it didn't have its partner. they haven't been together for some time now. I believe they do pair for life once they have decided. I wondered what had happened. the other day I noticed there was a dove who seemed like …


Those poor souls

those poor souls

No one understands those poor souls who wake wishing they did not pains end is assuredly coming and then there will be no more one does not see feelings change like the weather until he visits the eye of the storm.  

Rotten oak

rotten oak, grandma, pie and ice cream, little kid, poetry, steven humphreys

Goin' goin', almost gone. tearful drummer muffled  song. goin' to see 'ma grand mam' in Georgia town. midnight's past you're not my home. I didn't last, never shown. always chaste, been there alone. did care, toiled in obscure haste, never shown. neither here, rotten oak withstanding: withered solid cloak. understanding this and that cause' my …


box, sadness, tears, poetry, steven humphreys

Go ahead be you with your lovely box of kleenex by your side wipe your dripping eyes abundantly cross your heart sincerely and sing your human song throughout this night find comfort in knowing the night cries only for you...