my doves poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

My secret sign

Life lessons followed by a 'sign'. my doves land before or after when change comes. I hear them from time to time coming in the distance. their 'distinctive' sound the flutter of their wings landing by poolside perching on the wrought iron fence drinking water from the bird bath hopping up on the block wall… Continue reading My secret sign

Don’t Go to a Bar, poem, steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Don’t Go to a Bar

Don't Go to a Bar. you don't have to go that far. you'll find people like me there hiding behind thickened skins. don't get in a car. a bar is a bar is a bar... no matter if it's rock and roll, country or a classy piano bar. no one escapes the light of day… Continue reading Don’t Go to a Bar

The guy who hanged himself, poem, steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

The big city guy who hanged himself (epitaph)

I know others have had it tougher than I but, life is too hard for me in this big city lost in a multitude of men and machines we were born into this not of our own choice nor will... you see, I'm the sensitive one and no one understands that but me and you… Continue reading The big city guy who hanged himself (epitaph)

when I am with you, nature, animals, spirit, god, poetry, steven humphreys
Nature, Pets, Spiritual and beyond

When I am with you

When I am with you my soul is content you are part of me your sky where birds glide your greenery where squirrels forage your earth where my feet walk you are heat you are cold your warm breeze flows through my heart your presence always bringing comfort and joy to my ever yearning soul.… Continue reading When I am with you

fear, desert, death, bones in the sun, god
Spiritual and beyond

Fearless mimic

Fearless mimic teasing brain seismic gimmick eschew abstain withhold refrain running main frame masters gators restless erasure limited stature lost nature canteen dry dried tears cried strong red sky long baked bones thousand flies dusted dread hollowed head emptied eyes earthen bed hawks dive rabbits flee hallowed ground hour three.  

unseen, unnoticed, hidden, trick, sad, god
Spiritual and beyond

Something I didn’t see before

It is precisely when I realize something I didn't see before. it is in that moment I am searching for answers I know only god knows. The time is when I think somehow I have been bequeathed special knowledge delivered by a feeling inside. something unexpected revealed. and, then somehow I feel duped, fooled and… Continue reading Something I didn’t see before

this empty heart, poetry, god, steven humphreys, prayer
Love and loss

This empty heart

by what name do I call on you oh great one? it is you, the one who fills this empty place I call my heart? it is this empty spot where my soul used to live. it is where I used to have faith in my fellow man. but, he hath betrayed me once too… Continue reading This empty heart