Alone in consciousness

Are we fooled into thinking we are not alone? Yes, it appears we are all separate. This life, so illusory. One minute is experience, the next a memory. We can only take hold of the present moment, yet it soon flees us. No one knows how we think, but us. We have been given privacy within our own minds. Continue reading “Alone in consciousness”


If I were born before

if I were born before…

four times

even more

don’t let me

go through this

mess I’ve made for




tell me

what’s in store Continue reading “If I were born before”

I go to the woods alone

I go to the woods alone

to not be distracted

by all the talking

and contrary ideas

of men

I want to speak

with the birds,

trees and


it is my way

of Continue reading “I go to the woods alone”

Ashes to ashes

A message to all you

‘lonely’ singles…

Marriage ain’t what

it’s cracked up to be.

The other week

my wife

popped up out of

nowhere with Continue reading “Ashes to ashes”