Alone in our own consciousness
Spiritual poetry

Alone in consciousness

Are we fooled into thinking we are not alone? Yes, it appears we are all separate. This life, so illusory. One minute is experience, the next a memory. We can only take hold of the present moment, yet it soon flees us. No one knows how we think, but us. We have been given privacy… Continue reading Alone in consciousness

if I were born before, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual poetry

If I were born before

if I were born before... four times even more don't let me go through this mess I've made for myself once again tell me what's in store believe you me I never get bored then I stay in my mind amusing myself trapped in time have I rebuilt my bastion full of ego and passion?… Continue reading If I were born before

of beauty in nature, renewal, peace, poetry, steven humphreys
Nature poetry

Within the bounds of nature

what secret force resides within the bounds of nature besides that which we all can see? there is an unseen force for healing a certain invisible vibration when in the midst of its indisputable beauty I rediscover me, my own worth, I am comforted in a warm blanket of peace all within the simplicity of… Continue reading Within the bounds of nature

I go to the woods alone, solitude, wilderness, love of nature, poetry, steven humphreys
Nature poetry

I go to the woods alone

I go to the woods alone to not be distracted by all the talking and contrary ideas of men I want to speak with the birds, trees and flowers it is my way of praying in thankfulness to the richness of nature's ways... in each moment I utter my own words to her unbridled If… Continue reading I go to the woods alone

cremation, ashes to ashes, urn, pet, person, poetry, steven humphreys
Poetry of life

Ashes to ashes

A message to all you 'lonely' singles... Marriage ain't what it's cracked up to be. The other week my wife popped up out of nowhere with 'When you die, I will mix your ashes with your dog Bubba'. (I thought, gee, you are doing me such a big favor! just what I want to hear.… Continue reading Ashes to ashes

matter of fact, spiritual, god, guardian angel, death
Spiritual poetry

Matter of fact

The voice overhead said, 'you're dead'. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders and replied 'who are you and what did you say'? 'I am what you were my son and you are still dead'. 'I don't feel dead'. 'Go talk to your friend Bill. He won't hear you because he is alive'. "OK.… Continue reading Matter of fact

we sleep, unknown, death, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual poetry

We sleep

'focus upon what you can control and you can get a lot done' ~ Aristotle every night we sleep and wake up sleep and wake up we escape from this reality into another realm we do it again and again until someday we sleep forever and at the end of it we wake from our… Continue reading We sleep

emotional, spiritual, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual poetry


It's emotional isn't it? fair thee well against god's will who knows best? who made you? language is of man's making god gave emotions feeling rational understanding wordlessness emptiness intellect your guide be who you are never who you are not at being level symbols metaphors secret to life think for yourself body language state… Continue reading Emotional

veil, self growth, god, prayer, regret, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual poetry


Good old days please come back to me Oh god I want to do them over again all this pain all this suffering changed what I thought was me I am not so violent and hateful like before I have forgotten my old grudges I have been humbled so humbled I'm breaking through I'm breaking… Continue reading Veil