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The Flip Side

Our oldest cat is dying it has been a slow hard time I am devastated watching him sink into death's clutches he's in no apparent pain just extremely lacking in energy so tired and limp and old I think about seventeen or eighteen years old now I love him boundlessly and feel so helpless I… Continue reading The Flip Side

Man enough

Man enough

There was a man dancing on stage in his pink Tutu with the spotlight on him. He turned and shouted since I was up in the balcony... he singled me out because I was the only one there. now, someone turned the spotlight on me illuminating the darkness I was sitting within. 'are you man… Continue reading Man enough

My Best Friends in the World poem by steven james humphreys

My Best Friends in the World

Oh, God I love them so why have you let my doggie and kitties grow so old? why has our time with them passed so quickly? they have lived many years and have given us much joy they have a hard time now doing what they used to do very easily my doggie cannot run… Continue reading My Best Friends in the World

In God We Trust poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

In God We Trust

Each morning I read about all the death and destruction mankind brings I yearn for the almighty swift sword to come down through the billowy clouds and wipe out all those terrible evil men with just one horrible bloody ruthless swipe cut them down in their tract like a farmer's sickle clears a field of… Continue reading In God We Trust

Common sense and sensibility quote by steven james humphreys

Common sense and sensibility

Through the eyes of love's inebriation, two heads are not better than one where there is no common sense and sensibility they should drink wine by the barrel full in a toast to each other's charms in wait for the day that God-given beam of light bursts down through heaven's gates enlightening thereby sobering them… Continue reading Common sense and sensibility

It's not the same anymore quote by steven james humphreys

It’s not the same anymore

We don't get to vote anymore we lost it when no one thought it mattered we can't own a gun all the criminals still have them all the news says the same thing they tell us what to believe there are two parties conservative and liberal they take turns every other year things are pretty… Continue reading It’s not the same anymore

I became a child again

I became a child again

Once I set aside all I'd learned I was a child who knew of nothing except innocence then I learned something I could see the world through my window with clean eyes and without judgement far beyond the wisest man I began crying profusely because I saw clearly those things I'd done despite being old… Continue reading I became a child again

I'm Sending a Message poem by steven james humphreys

A Message Sent

he sent a mental message to the past life of a boy he used to be and to an adolescent the young man and beyond through middle age and to the old man to change his earlier paths so that his life would transform miraculously magically before his eyes that all this was not real… Continue reading A Message Sent