fathom poem by steven james humphreys

fathoming the idea we go on after living as this invisible essence called soul amid no proof of its existence brings one to observing he can say with certainly 'I am,,,' that his entire experience of what he believes real depends upon his five senses that he will discover his living essence is comprised of … Continue reading fathom

shall we

shall we poem by steven james humphreys

shall we wonder how our lives would have been had we taken another path? is it our opinion the right or wrong road is such? are we certain who decides our own growth? have we not received what we bargained for? isn't where we are right now where we ought to be whether it seems … Continue reading shall we

from nothing

from nothing poem by steven james humphreys

the drunkard captured God's universe from zero all those pretty little stars in a glass jar his illusion in consciousness keeping no tangible store sitting in that air-conditioned bar invisibility we know is there yet we sleep and slumber where? in wakefulness my fellows sit on rows of stools in denial tipping glasses with jingling … Continue reading from nothing

wise old souls

wise old souls poem by steven james humphreys

wise old souls know this world inside out it doesn't belong to them anymore glad to turn the reigns of the unruly horse over to the young... elders sit watching the world go by... sun setting moon rising sun rising yet again season after season paging through their books of memories in the library of … Continue reading wise old souls