I'm Sending a Message poem by steven james humphreys

A Message Sent

he sent a mental message to the past life of a boy he used to be and to an adolescent the young man and beyond through middle age and to the old man to change his earlier paths so that his life would transform miraculously magically before his eyes that all this was not real… Continue reading A Message Sent

The little tear poem by steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs

The Little Tear

A little tear in reality pulling me apart it's a new world coming just around the bend from the old corner food mart it is through your mind you read your book you visualize and it's there trapping your thoughts as you look at things in front of you disappearing and reappearing in the footsteps… Continue reading The Little Tear

I Watched Welcome to California 1953 quote by steven james humphreys

I Watched Welcome to California 1953

I Watched 'Welcome to California 1953' old cars, old buildings, old fashioned clothing everything old... the good old days. they were better then. better than now. much better. more freedom, fewer laws and restrictions. everything's screwed up now thanks to all the law breaking criminals and ass_ _ _ _ s who don't give a… Continue reading I Watched Welcome to California 1953

Change Thy Nature poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Change Thy Nature

You might wonder why bad stuff happens to you no matter what you try to do I have always wondered this about me I have come to the stark conclusion it can't be for any other reason you see other than to change thy own nature we can act differently, yes indeed but, being different… Continue reading Change Thy Nature

Dead Drunk Dad poem by steven james humphreys

Dead Drunk Dad

'Hey, dad what are you doing here? haven't seen you for years, thought you'd disowned me! what do you mean when someone is dying they see the dead? No way, you don't mean'... 'yes, son, I think you know what I mean. your time's up. You have nothing to say about it'. 'I didn't commit… Continue reading Dead Drunk Dad

One of Seven Sins poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

One of Seven Sins

These are such proud folk who don't regret a solitary thing they've done in life I have heard them speaking so hard many times before I am not among their ranks, but deeply sorry for so much wrong I've done So much so, I can't even remember everything I'm sorry for... but, God remembers every… Continue reading One of Seven Sins

Theory poem steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond


Stonehenge people created looking through the stones summer solstice and the winter solstice slaughtered animals men, women and children feasted burial grounds extraterrestrial stone lifting folklore Fermilab theory of relativity smashed atoms God particle quantum physics the small and the large theories.