when I go

when I'm gone I'm not awake I'm not asleep I'm still aware I know I'm me do not weep for keep your tears they are your own but there I lie I'm not down deep I became everything yet nothing at all I fly through the air to the ends of the universe it sings… Continue reading when I go

The open road haiku by steven james humphreys

the open road

freedom is given freedom is taken the open road lies before us when all is forsaken where we walk is what we trust in our own feet to where they take us they must to a world which opens up before you to our next step with all its afflictions with all its love.

Walk through walls poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

walk through walls

the earth is shifting to a new dimension those whose hearts turn Godly will fly without wings and do all those things the angels do performing real magic walking through walls there will be no more pain and suffering and no darkness and those with hearts of stone will be left behind to fight amongst… Continue reading walk through walls

Haiku, Humor

bug stalker

take a trip to bug city where bugs wear top hats talk and walk on canes no frowns their beaks stick out wearing beautiful sweaters close to the ground from a drowned tee shirt viewpoint found merry weather fell off your rocker Timothy feels you went for a short ride off a long nap bug… Continue reading bug stalker

bus ticket poem by steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs

bus ticket

I bought my bus ticket to nowhere I'm invisible now thin as air drinking Coronas in the back sold all my stuff I'm travelling light changed my name gave up my fame I'm a fly by night hack by day wherever I go no one knows me I hide from the world like a boy… Continue reading bus ticket

Fortune cookie poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Life's ups and downs, Love and loss

the fortune cookie

grasshopper was having a horrible time picking up on chicks and going out on dates he just couldn't score it was one rejection after another he was really frustrated and confused about the whole man and woman thing he was tired of being someone's door mat and having his heart smashed into a thousand pieces...… Continue reading the fortune cookie