The guy who hanged himself, poem, steven james humphreys

The big city guy who hanged himself (epitaph)

I know others have had it tougher than I but, life is too hard for me in this big city lost in a multitude of men and machines we were born into this not of our own choice nor will... you see, I'm the sensitive one and no one understands that but me and you… Continue reading The big city guy who hanged himself (epitaph)

night time, driving down the road, alone, lonely, depressed, drunk

It’s Night Time

It's night time. Driving Down the Road, you got no one. Driving Down the Road, it's night-time, you're such a gone one. listening to the Doors squirmin' like a toad. you're the only one left in town awake. look up to the sky. your darkness come long. cold air's blowin' down your neck. it's overdue.… Continue reading It’s Night Time

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Living in the Land of Neurosis

Living in the land of neurosis get that diagnosis feeling very comatosis. don't kill yourself go take another nap. go kiss your pap. beer bottles clanking together toasting every minute of it. pop tart smoking in the squeaky old toaster. pot belly pig roasting in the roaster. hop aboard the bumpy freeway roller coaster and… Continue reading Living in the Land of Neurosis

mind's on the blink, poetry, steven humphreys

Mind’s on the blink

Goin' to a shrink mind's on fire eyes crossed can hardly think a little crazy gettin' mighty hazy better have a drink down to the last dollar now's time to holler crossing over the brink bout' to get kicked out of this hellish motel nowhere to go on highway's endless spell pit in the stomach… Continue reading Mind’s on the blink

slow dive, suicide, jump off a cliff, lonely, depressed, alcohol, hopelessness

Slow dive

one way ride slow dive in greener ears white lies go devil on your shoulder whispers 'suicide tide' get bored dull sword Mr. Ford directionless truck drives itself going far picking winners eating cold dinners greasy diner bars back home sleep talking counting stars eyes glisten angels listen horn honks beep thinking deep soul to… Continue reading Slow dive

welcome to the you show, depression, suicide, poetry, steve humphreys
Life's ups and downs

Welcome to the ‘you’ show

Welcome to the 'you' show. jump through the hoop bro. watch yourself play in that other dimension you won't know until much later though. you're your own henchman. someone looking at you lying on a park bench man. it was where you wanted to be passed out drunk sailing the seven seas in that nihilistic… Continue reading Welcome to the ‘you’ show