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Like it says in the epitaph below… ‘of my own volition, I have endlessly searched for the (I) which seemingly resides within me yet to the best of my human ability cannot be located nor found’ therefore I will

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In the wink of an eye

I had put in a call to the great beyond requesting a dream in symbol and metaphor for I wanted to know first hand what death was like to quell my fears sparing me and mine (needless extra tears) without having to go into this

I Promise I will Find You once Again

They say when you die you forget the previous life including those you’ve loved each lifetime before that one and before the one before that but please hear my eternal vow (from my soul to yours) ‘I Promise I will Find You once Again’ I swear even though

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Riding on a Moonbeam

We’ll never find out who or what keeps us in existence we’re in the program and they’re out of reach Some Scientists and Philosophers say we are in a simulation ‘a virtual reality’ If so, who made it? Then, who made them? They could

Strange Hobby

Lament not you are a changed man, not amongst the ranks of the rich and famous (did you really want to stand in the limelight bathing with those in your own dirty bath water of self worship splashing around with those who want to be like you?) would you