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We sleep

'focus upon what you can control and you can get a lot done' ~ Aristotle every night we sleep and wake up sleep and wake up we escape from this reality into another realm we do it again and again until someday we sleep forever and at the end of it we wake from our… Continue reading We sleep

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Like it says in the epitaph below... 'of my own volition, I have endlessly searched for the (I) which seemingly resides within me yet to the best of my human ability cannot be located nor found' therefore I will pass like the billions of others before me with hopes and dreams unfulfilled Mastery of the great… Continue reading Epitaph

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In the wink of an eye

I had put in a call to the great beyond requesting a dream in symbol and metaphor for I wanted to know first hand what death was like to quell my fears sparing me and mine (needless extra tears) without having to go into this mystical syblime (because you don't get a round trip ticket!) In the… Continue reading In the wink of an eye

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It’s a Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day for a holocaust a rational day is why who would want a gloomy way full of clouds and die the judges of the world betray humanity aches and stoops thinking back to my old pets as I ladle soup they rest amongst Pleiades deep in my immedicable heart ever swirling whirlwinds straighten… Continue reading It’s a Beautiful Day


Saying Goodbye

Messages from the other side saying goodbye my wife's friend contacted me from beyond whispering to me to 'take care of my own wife' who was her friend then another time A friend of mine who passed said wordlessly... 'Hey, it's cool here, why don't you join me!' although I was excited for him that he… Continue reading Saying Goodbye


Sloe Gin Fizz

Yes life is but a dream and no one on earth can prove otherwise and when we wake up it'll be all over it is that someday we will wake up dead as a rotten tree as a newborn blade of grass sprouting up through the earth yet on the other hand if you stay… Continue reading Sloe Gin Fizz


I Promise I will Find You once Again

They say when you die you forget the previous life including those you've loved each lifetime before that one and before the one before that but please hear my eternal vow (from my soul to yours) 'I Promise I will Find You once Again' I swear even though our memories of each other will be erased clean like… Continue reading I Promise I will Find You once Again

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Riding on a Moonbeam

We'll never find out who or what keeps us in existence we're in the program and they're out of reach Some Scientists and Philosophers say we are in a simulation 'a virtual reality' If so, who made it? Then, who made them? They could you know throw the switch and turn this whole thing off we… Continue reading Riding on a Moonbeam


Strange Hobby

Lament not you are a changed man, not amongst the ranks of the rich and famous (did you really want to stand in the limelight bathing with those in your own dirty bath water of self worship splashing around with those who want to be like you?) would you want that for them, to scrub your back… Continue reading Strange Hobby


Growing Old in Dreamland

growing old in dreamland, with your oozing decapitated ego humbled soul birthing kinder and gentler cause' you began getting the hang of this thing called living, while you looked over your shoulder to that endlessly patient Mr. Death who has his evil eye on you as he took a number from the ticket holder working his way up… Continue reading Growing Old in Dreamland