that subtle magnetism

nature magnetism

So many things don't have their words to describe, yet when it comes to nature, it has that subtle magnetism which draws me to it maybe, it's the color green that enchants my spirit it pulls me to it to become infused with it yes, nature has its own soul and mine tends to blend … Continue reading that subtle magnetism

When the Wind Whispers Low

nature, wind, universe, god, trees, message, prayer

When the wind whispers low in winter sowing, god's bounty speaks in spring seedlings growing. an entire universe breathes its quiet endless flow through summer trees gently making autumn leaves flutter and drop scattered in uneven rows. don't miss nature's voice, listen with your inner ear. it speaks language in sun, wind, clouds and rain... … Continue reading When the Wind Whispers Low

Walking in nature’s way

nature, walking, enjoyment, wisdom

The sheer freedom of walking in nature's way confounds the mind In the world at large Free The unknown path ahead Open We love the earth We love the stars We belong to all We lose our burdens If not only For a moment Through lessons From green trees Brown dirt And granite Rocks We … Continue reading Walking in nature’s way