Living in the Land of Neurosis

mental instability, neurosis, diagnosis, happiness

Living in the land of neurosis get that diagnosis feeling very comatosis. don't kill yourself go take another nap. go kiss your pap. beer bottles clanking together toasting every minute of it. pop tart smoking in the squeaky old toaster. pot belly pig roasting in the roaster. hop aboard the bumpy freeway roller coaster and … Continue reading Living in the Land of Neurosis


me, happiness, sadness, life, poetry, steven humphreys

It's me again overbearing the large and grandiose I flow through thine trees this fellow being evolving in its own way in midst of crude involvement complexity forgetfulness installments who am I? I am he who brings abounding slow methodical change purest soul of souls pray to me in readiness for blank astonishment a becoming … Continue reading Me

Old town

old town, nostalgia, time machine, poetry, steven humphreys

Taking a drive through old town light and dark sides it is what has grown inside you that made you you remember growing up with all those childish clowns? it was their childishness making all those jokes about you with that ridiculous asinine laughing cackling sound they were young children undone adolescents unsung more than kinda' dumb teenyboppers … Continue reading Old town

It’s a Beautiful Day

its a beautiful day, poetry, steven humphreys

It's a beautiful day for a holocaust a rational day is why who would want a gloomy way full of clouds and die the judges of the world betray humanity aches and stoops thinking back to my old pets as I ladle soup they rest amongst Pleiades deep in my immedicable heart ever swirling whirlwinds straighten … Continue reading It’s a Beautiful Day

Without You and I

You wouldn't know the difference between them and you when you conversed they will act like us saying the same words they will look like us and they will think (not like us) but they won't fear death like we do because they will never be born they will be made soon but fortunately for us they … Continue reading Without You and I

Living for a Haircut

Living for a haircut Living from paycheck to paycheck living buying stuff when enough stuff is enough stripping off our evolution going far away from the places we used to believe were real giving a smile eating a cookie sitting in that barbershop chair looking in the mirror while so many lottery winners get more miserable … Continue reading Living for a Haircut