Never Fear the Unknown

Never Fear the Unknown poem by steven james humphreys

Never Fear the Unknown terrible terrible terrible awaiting full grown heave your body like a cut off limb through to the bone you're feeling wind you had nothing to do with it it happens in your hands the tunnel of light lies flat on a fishing barge flight tidal wave monsoon season trolling water in … Continue reading Never Fear the Unknown

Oh, my dearest vanity

vanity, worry, youth, beauty, old age

Oh, my dearest vanity. Youth lives by the hair blower and the mirror. so much vanity, so much burdened worry. when do we learn it does no good? We cannot control how the earth turns nor if and when we land in a wheel chair. despite us wanting reality to become otherwise, life itself is … Continue reading Oh, my dearest vanity

Old town

old town, nostalgia, time machine, poetry, steven humphreys

Taking a drive through old town light and dark sides it is what has grown inside you that made you you remember growing up with all those childish clowns? it was their childishness making all those jokes about you with that ridiculous asinine laughing cackling sound they were young children undone adolescents unsung more than kinda' dumb teenyboppers … Continue reading Old town