Living the life of a Bug

bug, wine, cave, dark

I live in this cave called loneliness and I like it here. it's nice and dark and I look out when I want. I'm a bug and if you step on me I'll dig a hole in your shoe and sting you good. I'm a bug in the middle of humanity. I'll be a good … Continue reading Living the life of a Bug

And, then some…

philosopher, socrates, aristotle, god, wine

Dumber than they look Smarter than you think and, then some wayward feeling falls in  a 'well's hole' floating in scum-sucking drink inactive rage turning into peaceful apathy used to be handsome beating my drum loud and manly godly thoughts escape the sage's ageless mind who gave them all up for his last  popped cork … Continue reading And, then some…

One for those who cannot sleep

insomniac, sleeplessness, wine, popcorn, staying up late, b movies, horror, low budget

Oh, yes. This is one for those who cannot sleep. Sleep? Why sleep? who's in great need of sleep! only those suffering from growing pains... We have but a short time to stay awake. Then, we will sleep for an eternity. Choose to stay up late. Get to know your 'B' movies. They go very … Continue reading One for those who cannot sleep

So many things…

so many things wine, regrets, drinking, alcohol, memories

There are so many things one cannot control... like war, other people's behavior and death. yet, the flowers still remain so beautiful. love is still love in all its shades and forms. and, kindness is still kindness when given freely. faith will always remain hope when one is sincere. fun is fun and best remembered … Continue reading So many things…

It doesn’t hurt

it-doesn't-hurt, wine, drink, poetry, steven humphreys

It doesn't hurt to think more positive, unless you are unwilling to live a life full of self-deception and lies... on the other hand; it only tends to make matters worse wearing those dark blue sunglasses of yours that always bring you down. In the meantime, though, before you choose looking at the world through … Continue reading It doesn’t hurt