wisdom haiku by steven james humphreys

wisdom is a double edged sword it cuts you deeply with both blades when you know better giving you a blanket of karma you must sleep under.

Walking in nature’s way

nature, walking, enjoyment, wisdom

The sheer freedom of walking in nature's way confounds the mind In the world at large Free The unknown path ahead Open We love the earth We love the stars We belong to all We lose our burdens If not only For a moment Through lessons From green trees Brown dirt And granite Rocks We … Continue reading Walking in nature’s way

Walking the Dog

The other day I took a brisk stroll down the neighborhood sidewalk in my grey old man's jogging suit and my favorite red sweat faded baseball hat looking down at all the cracks on the sidewalk rows and holes needing filling beneath my toes looking up at trees and crows and squirrels looking down to me cackling … Continue reading Walking the Dog

A Serial Killer Within

 a serial killer within smiles wide intending something narrow he's at large smothered by music we cried to caught in spider webs of feeling you listen you don't know where you are going as you journey into feeling not in their words it's how old you are within that old song following old feelings reemerging bringing you somewhere in tears not … Continue reading A Serial Killer Within

Another Year’s Passing

Tomorrow will be another year's passing, becoming a day of thoughtful reckoning. a day of toys where boys become men and girls think of boys. you get what you want, you get what you don't. you see your future dimly, it gets clearer as time goes on. you bend with the times. you get lonely … Continue reading Another Year’s Passing